Thursday, 16 December 2010

Style Icon?!

Style Icon, would you be flattered that people love what you wear and how you wear it or slightly freaked out that there are a dozen you shaped clones?

I read a shocking amount of magazines, I have my weekly Look and Grazia and monthly Vogue, Instyle, Glamour and perhaps Harper's Bazaar if I'm feeling particularly arty. These consist of what you should be wearing this winter and how to look just like Cheryl Cole or Sarah Jessica Parker, which is great, but I buy these magazines for inspiration...and that's the key word in my opinion.

I look at celebrities and no one can deny that the majority of the time they look amazing due to an amazing stylist on hand 24/7. But who of us have a stylist on speed dial? Not me!

Personally I take inspiration from bloggers, and off duty models seem to have nailed the perfect comfy yet fashionable look.

I am not dogging people who want to look like Beyonce or Alexa Chung, they look great, but you look like you for a reason, take inspiration and mix it up.

Id love to know who are your style inspirations???

P.S Hope everyones ready for Christmas :) way too excited :)

Muchos Love