Sunday, 19 June 2011

Palazzo Pants Are Just Peachy!

I confess!!! I have been a bad blogger...the worst perhaps. But for now I'm back with some new togs.

A bit of a Primark hord but I convinced myself they didn't have the generic Primark look to them. I got the Palazzo Pants and top this week and I wasn't 100% keen on the Palazzo Pants at first, took slight persuasion off a friend and constant flicking through some magazines, to be perfectly honest I thought they wouldn't really suit my shape but once I tried them on I was hooked which can't be said for the boyfriend...these are deff 'dressing for the girls' style. If it was up to my boyfriend I would be in hotpants and a bra all day.

It's my birthday in 3 weeks and i'm off to Bicester Village, on the promise i'll be treated to a Mulberry Bag. If anyone has been I would appreciate anyones comments on the place?!

Hope everyone is well and had a ace weekend.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cape Town

Saw this Cape from Primark way before Christmas but i just couldn't justify £25 on a Primark purchase (or is that just me?). So whilst browsing with the boy round town i came across it in the sale for £10! It pretty much goes with everything and keeps me warm when its breezy and cool if the sun is out.

Also i got the orange and black cotton vest from H&M a few weeks back as well as the black faux suede wedges from Primark. The black jeans are just "Super Skinny" from ASDA.

I'm thinking i need some new ideas for this blog other than the random stuff i seem to be doing...ideas would be welcomed with open arms =).

Hope every ones had a great weekend!!!