Sunday, 19 June 2011

Palazzo Pants Are Just Peachy!

I confess!!! I have been a bad blogger...the worst perhaps. But for now I'm back with some new togs.

A bit of a Primark hord but I convinced myself they didn't have the generic Primark look to them. I got the Palazzo Pants and top this week and I wasn't 100% keen on the Palazzo Pants at first, took slight persuasion off a friend and constant flicking through some magazines, to be perfectly honest I thought they wouldn't really suit my shape but once I tried them on I was hooked which can't be said for the boyfriend...these are deff 'dressing for the girls' style. If it was up to my boyfriend I would be in hotpants and a bra all day.

It's my birthday in 3 weeks and i'm off to Bicester Village, on the promise i'll be treated to a Mulberry Bag. If anyone has been I would appreciate anyones comments on the place?!

Hope everyone is well and had a ace weekend.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cape Town

Saw this Cape from Primark way before Christmas but i just couldn't justify £25 on a Primark purchase (or is that just me?). So whilst browsing with the boy round town i came across it in the sale for £10! It pretty much goes with everything and keeps me warm when its breezy and cool if the sun is out.

Also i got the orange and black cotton vest from H&M a few weeks back as well as the black faux suede wedges from Primark. The black jeans are just "Super Skinny" from ASDA.

I'm thinking i need some new ideas for this blog other than the random stuff i seem to be doing...ideas would be welcomed with open arms =).

Hope every ones had a great weekend!!!


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Style Icon?!

Style Icon, would you be flattered that people love what you wear and how you wear it or slightly freaked out that there are a dozen you shaped clones?

I read a shocking amount of magazines, I have my weekly Look and Grazia and monthly Vogue, Instyle, Glamour and perhaps Harper's Bazaar if I'm feeling particularly arty. These consist of what you should be wearing this winter and how to look just like Cheryl Cole or Sarah Jessica Parker, which is great, but I buy these magazines for inspiration...and that's the key word in my opinion.

I look at celebrities and no one can deny that the majority of the time they look amazing due to an amazing stylist on hand 24/7. But who of us have a stylist on speed dial? Not me!

Personally I take inspiration from bloggers, and off duty models seem to have nailed the perfect comfy yet fashionable look.

I am not dogging people who want to look like Beyonce or Alexa Chung, they look great, but you look like you for a reason, take inspiration and mix it up.

Id love to know who are your style inspirations???

P.S Hope everyones ready for Christmas :) way too excited :)

Muchos Love


Monday, 13 September 2010

Curly Fail!

Sorry i haven't posted in so long...been either busy or too tired to go on the computer. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!?

Ive decided to look for night courses in fashion/textiles. I really love it and have always dreamt of designing clothes but due to the circumstances i was dumped in an office and left to rot. So wish me look but I'm sure i will keep you posted, :)

Ok my mum brought me some really amazing tailored harems from NEXT and i am in love with them but they don't look good with any of my shoes...I'm a flats girl as I'm 5ft 9in. Any ideas?!

Apologises also for the complete fail on the curly do and pics...I'm still trying to get the hang of actually taking pictures of myself...

P.S Thank you muchly for following me 30 Whoop!!! =) I am thinking about do a giveaway for when i reach 50!...IF i reach 50...wishful thinking much =)

Have a good day!


"To say the truth, reason and love keep little company together now-a-days." - William Shakespeare

Friday, 3 September 2010

Wonder Products

Hi beautiful people =)

Amy from Forever Curiouser suggested on my last post that it would be a good idea to do a beauty here it is i used two products this morning to achieve what i think is natural yet don't look like you have rolled out of bed look. Ok well i used 3 coats of YSL Mascara Volume Effect and The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain which was free in InStyle i think. The Lip and Cheek Stain i had only previously used on my lips but after reading Irene's post from Irene and a blog i tried it on my cheeks and they look just rosy =)

Oh and i also did my hair in Heidi plaits too which makes me all nostalgic of when i was little and my Nanna used to do it every Saturday =)

Oh and apologies about no links to Amy and Irene I'm a little slow at this computer shizz but if people know how to make names links to their pages so please share share =) Thank You


"If a man can make a woman laugh, he can make her do anything" - Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Helloooo Bloggers!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday =D

Me and my boyfriend Nath are planning on taking a trip to the best city in the world...LONDON <3 i have been a few times and so has Nath but i want to see things i usually wouldn' does anyone know any fab places to go eat/shop/or just hang out at??? I would very much appreciate your tips and advice.

On Monday Nath took me to look at cars and it got me really wanting one now. Cant believe i actually passed my text 2yrs ago and still haven't got my own car...(loser much!) So i have my adult head on and actually pricing up quotes of insurance and cars eeeee makes me so nervous all that money on one thing and i could trash it in one rev.

So i know i haven't got many followers and oh so grateful to the beautiful people who are following me, but id love to know what you would like to see more of in my blog...I'm slightly scatty atm and just randomly doing random please....HELP!!! =)


Saturday, 28 August 2010

Fake Lace

Hope every ones having a great bank holiday weekend so far :) i know i am! Had a romantic candlelit dinner with nath last night which perfect and he ate 4 whole enchiladas!!!

Xfactor tonight!!!! Yes i am a groupie and not ashamed of it...well maybe a little.

I took some pics of what i am wearing today as the weather is nice yet not too warm. The black playsuit was a summer buy from George at Asda and i live it in...its just so comfy to wack on after I've finished work. The hoodie is a new buy from Primark and i like it but not sure if i love it yet...I'm sure it will grow on me or get dumped at a charity shop. Not that you can see but i have knee high socks and brogues on. Its just my comfy outfit =)

Thinking of taking Molly Moo for a long walk up to the woods later but she just gets so dirty...if there is any mud/water/dead animals shes in it or eating it! (shes a classy girl)

Well here she is don't be deceived by her inocentness!

Muchos Love

Lizabeth xx