Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Helloooo Bloggers!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday =D

Me and my boyfriend Nath are planning on taking a trip to the best city in the world...LONDON <3 i have been a few times and so has Nath but i want to see things i usually wouldn't...like does anyone know any fab places to go eat/shop/or just hang out at??? I would very much appreciate your tips and advice.

On Monday Nath took me to look at cars and it got me really wanting one now. Cant believe i actually passed my text 2yrs ago and still haven't got my own car...(loser much!) So i have my adult head on and actually pricing up quotes of insurance and cars eeeee makes me so nervous all that money on one thing and i could trash it in one rev.

So i know i haven't got many followers and oh so grateful to the beautiful people who are following me, but id love to know what you would like to see more of in my blog...I'm slightly scatty atm and just randomly doing random things...so please....HELP!!! =)


Saturday, 28 August 2010

Fake Lace

Hope every ones having a great bank holiday weekend so far :) i know i am! Had a romantic candlelit dinner with nath last night which perfect and he ate 4 whole enchiladas!!!

Xfactor tonight!!!! Yes i am a groupie and not ashamed of it...well maybe a little.

I took some pics of what i am wearing today as the weather is nice yet not too warm. The black playsuit was a summer buy from George at Asda and i live it in...its just so comfy to wack on after I've finished work. The hoodie is a new buy from Primark and i like it but not sure if i love it yet...I'm sure it will grow on me or get dumped at a charity shop. Not that you can see but i have knee high socks and brogues on. Its just my comfy outfit =)

Thinking of taking Molly Moo for a long walk up to the woods later but she just gets so dirty...if there is any mud/water/dead animals shes in it or eating it! (shes a classy girl)

Well here she is don't be deceived by her inocentness!

Muchos Love

Lizabeth xx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Clouds in my Tea

Its been a hectic couple of weeks...busy with work or spending time with nath. We went Bakwell in Derbyshire on Sunday was such a great weekend and the Bakewell puddings we purchased were well yummy!

I got paid so have been doing a little shopping...i have been desperate for the right grey nail varnish for ages and found a really muted grey/blue colour from Topshop and it actually last for a while. I put 2 coats on and with working at a desk all day typing my nails chip so easily but it lasted and is still on now so its a A+ from me :) Oh and the colour is called Cloud.

I thought i might also write a little of what I'm enjoying most this week:

Song: When I'm alone by Lissie.

Book: Dark Flame by Alyson Noel.

Film: Disney's Aladdin *blushes*

Drink/Food: Hot Ribena/Feta Cheese

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Plague deffo hit my house!!!

Sorry i haven't posted in forever but Ive been so so so unwell with a cold and therefore gave it to everyone else at home and work. But feeling a little better today and hopefully when i get home from work I'll feel well enough to do a post of the kind of thing i wear to work...bearing in mind i am only a receptionist at a business centre on the outskirts of town, nothing too exciting.

I did go to see A-Team last week and it was way good, Bradley Cooper just melts my heart <3

Thank you again for following me I'll try not be a bad blogger and do a few more posts.

Hope everyone had a good weekend although we are coming up to a new weekend...

Lizabeth xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My lame attempt at a fashion post...

Sorry i did say in an earlier post i would upload a pic of my Primark pleather jacket...

- I did take pictures...well my mum did for me...and i have to say they are shocking lol, i have no idea how all you bloggers upload pics that look like you should be in a magazine and mine just look like I'm blatantly standing in my hall way.

- Oh and another thing in another earlier post i mentioned i had lost 3 stone and still wanting to lose more so i am most deff not slim and neither am i in the pics. I'm just saying this because I'm not being vain and thinking i look gorgeous and uploading loads of pics i just generally love fashion and makeup.

P.S the jumpsuits from Primark too :)

Lizabeth xx

Eeeeeee exicted

Apologies for not posting in like forever but finally got the computer working...

- Well this last week i have been catching up on Supernatural season 4 which is way good but i wish i knew when to stop watching it as it totally gives me the hibbie jibbies.

- Nathans back today!!!! Yayyyyy me! :) missed him lotsies. Although i don't get him till tomorrow.

- I have been so busy recently and because of certain people i haven't been out to town in forever but on Saturday after my grandads birthday party (he was 75) :) me and my cousin Katie went out and it was lovely to hear people mention i have lost weight because i know i have according to the scales but i obviously don't really notice it because i see myself everyday, and with only a tad bit of drama from my ex it was a really good night at mosh. I may upload one pic from it....it was a messy night.

- Think I'm going to see A-team tomorrow so i will probably post whether its worth seeing. But i saw Toy story 3D the other week and its soooo good made me shed a tear or two.

Oooo and thank you muchly for following me :)

Lizabeth xx

Friday, 6 August 2010

Damn you technology!!!

Well my laptop was going unbelievably slow....(enter computer) that decided to crash on me...not a happy bunny. Anyhow because neither are working at home I'm updating the blog at work. I'm the boss today so its aloud!

I cant actually upload any of my own pics so i thought i would post about my recent purchase of a grey primark pleather jacket which is amazing...its so soft and of a reasonable quality for primark. I have been trailing lookbook for some ideas of how to wear it and luckily with it being a nice slate coloured gray it will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe as I'm pretty boring, i love new shapes that are in fashion but i tend to steer to black, white and neutral colours. I'll try uploading a pic of it when i get home.

On a happy point Nathan rang me from Ibiza last night which was a lovely surprise, i miss him wayyyy too much which isn't very healthy for me. But on a unhappy point, don't you just hate it when all your life you have always helped people and been there for them and nodded at the right moments and ooo and ahhhh'd at stuff you really don't want to know about it but you do it because you care for your friends, and then when its your turn to coo and say how happy you are its like a joke and no-one wants to hear it. Girls can be such bitches i don't know why i bother with facebook. Yet every person Ive spoken to through this blog has been supportive and generally lovely. So I'm indecisive whether to deactivate facebook??...rant over sorry.

Lotsises of huggles to my followers which I'm pretty amazed i have any at all. But i shall attempt to upload a pic of my jacket....maybe with me in it :O

Lizabeth xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Post Monday Blues

I did plan on updating on a Monday but it fell through last night due to Nathan jetting off to Ibiza :(. But i shall go forth...

Since the Topshop make-up range came out i was oh so excited, they make the best high street clothes and so i had huge expectations for their make-up. However, i brought the Brighton rock (a bright pink) and wasn't really that impressed. The colour fades way quick and I'm not entirely sure the colour suits me.

So here are a few pics of the colour (sorry for the pants pic, my hair was having a crazy day so focus on the lipstick :P), id like to know a few peoples honest opinions :)

P.S Oooo and if anyone wants to follow me please feel free...although i realise there isn't much to follow atm :)

Lizabeth xx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Sesh!

On a Sunday's I'll try updating with just what i have been up to during the week...

- 3 whole stone!! that's how much i have lost in weight since January, I'm pretty chuffed with myself but i have a long way to go yet, my goal is to lose at least 2 stone more by Christmas. I eat healthier now (although i indulged in a homemade brownie yesterday, i had to test it was edible right?!) and i pretty much walk everywhere.

- I saw Nathan yesterday afternoon :). I have been seeing him for a couple of months now, although i have known him for years but the timing has always been wrong for both of us, eventually we took the plunge (i think he is pretty hot!) On Thursday evening my mum decided Nathan should meet the family (that's enough to put fear into any boy) but she loved him and Nathan seemed to have a good time also. So fingers and toes crossed things carry on like this.

- Other than the above i haven't really done much else other than work. I'll try and do something a little more interesting next week.

Lizabeth xx