Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Helloooo Bloggers!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday =D

Me and my boyfriend Nath are planning on taking a trip to the best city in the world...LONDON <3 i have been a few times and so has Nath but i want to see things i usually wouldn't...like does anyone know any fab places to go eat/shop/or just hang out at??? I would very much appreciate your tips and advice.

On Monday Nath took me to look at cars and it got me really wanting one now. Cant believe i actually passed my text 2yrs ago and still haven't got my own car...(loser much!) So i have my adult head on and actually pricing up quotes of insurance and cars eeeee makes me so nervous all that money on one thing and i could trash it in one rev.

So i know i haven't got many followers and oh so grateful to the beautiful people who are following me, but id love to know what you would like to see more of in my blog...I'm slightly scatty atm and just randomly doing random things...so please....HELP!!! =)



  1. oo exciting london times ahead! my blog is a bit random too, but you'll find in time that something regular will crop up, maybe a beauty post a week? x

  2. Oooh, exciting! I'd say if you're planning on shopping then definitely give Oxford St a visit (make sure to take a look at Beyond Retro!) then from Oxford St you can get pretty much everywhere else central within a few minutes; Soho (where there's the cutest cafe called Maison Bertaux - visit!) Leicester Sq, Trafalgar etc... of course, Camden is always a good place to visit too x

  3. wow i wish i can go to London too , hope you have fun there

  4. Here's a few: :)

    Portobello Market
    Brick Lane
    Covent Garden
    Cromwell Road - about half way between Harrods and The V&A there's a really good french cafe that do amazing cakes! (sorry I cant remember the name)
    Photographers Gallery
    Proud Camden
    Camden Passage
    The Breakfast Club
    Kensington high street is good too if you want a break or something different from Oxford Street.

  5. I love London :)
    Camden is amazing !
    Lovely blog :) xoxo <3