Saturday, 28 August 2010

Fake Lace

Hope every ones having a great bank holiday weekend so far :) i know i am! Had a romantic candlelit dinner with nath last night which perfect and he ate 4 whole enchiladas!!!

Xfactor tonight!!!! Yes i am a groupie and not ashamed of it...well maybe a little.

I took some pics of what i am wearing today as the weather is nice yet not too warm. The black playsuit was a summer buy from George at Asda and i live it in...its just so comfy to wack on after I've finished work. The hoodie is a new buy from Primark and i like it but not sure if i love it yet...I'm sure it will grow on me or get dumped at a charity shop. Not that you can see but i have knee high socks and brogues on. Its just my comfy outfit =)

Thinking of taking Molly Moo for a long walk up to the woods later but she just gets so dirty...if there is any mud/water/dead animals shes in it or eating it! (shes a classy girl)

Well here she is don't be deceived by her inocentness!

Muchos Love

Lizabeth xx


  1. love the outfit, like the contrast of the lace to the solid black of the playsuit x

  2. love the playsuit and the lace is beautiful <3


  3. doggie!! chinan! dear doggie! cute!


  4. cute dog! love the outfit(: great blog!
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

  5. oh my gosh i would die for a dog like that! and you look stunning in white lace :))

  6. I have that playsuit! I managed to grab it in the sale for £4! It's amazing! Can dress it up or down!
    Check out my blog some time. I'm still new at all of this
    Jenna x