Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Plague deffo hit my house!!!

Sorry i haven't posted in forever but Ive been so so so unwell with a cold and therefore gave it to everyone else at home and work. But feeling a little better today and hopefully when i get home from work I'll feel well enough to do a post of the kind of thing i wear to work...bearing in mind i am only a receptionist at a business centre on the outskirts of town, nothing too exciting.

I did go to see A-Team last week and it was way good, Bradley Cooper just melts my heart <3

Thank you again for following me I'll try not be a bad blogger and do a few more posts.

Hope everyone had a good weekend although we are coming up to a new weekend...

Lizabeth xx


  1. yeah A Team is a good movie , so fun to watch right haha bt i think Liam Neeson is pretty hot too for a guy at his age ! :D

    btw i hope u get well soon ,

    ps : my job is a boring 9-5 desk job too lol so cheer up

    see u in your next update

    Happy FRIYAY ! ♥


  2. Thank you so much for following

    ps get well soon :)