Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Sesh!

On a Sunday's I'll try updating with just what i have been up to during the week...

- 3 whole stone!! that's how much i have lost in weight since January, I'm pretty chuffed with myself but i have a long way to go yet, my goal is to lose at least 2 stone more by Christmas. I eat healthier now (although i indulged in a homemade brownie yesterday, i had to test it was edible right?!) and i pretty much walk everywhere.

- I saw Nathan yesterday afternoon :). I have been seeing him for a couple of months now, although i have known him for years but the timing has always been wrong for both of us, eventually we took the plunge (i think he is pretty hot!) On Thursday evening my mum decided Nathan should meet the family (that's enough to put fear into any boy) but she loved him and Nathan seemed to have a good time also. So fingers and toes crossed things carry on like this.

- Other than the above i haven't really done much else other than work. I'll try and do something a little more interesting next week.

Lizabeth xx


  1. 3 stone?! that's amazing, keep it up! i've also been trying to be healthier by walking places and cutting out the crap! x

  2. Thank You i shall try :) xx

  3. Haha all the best with your goal! :D You can do it girl! And hope things go smoothly with Nathan too ((: Do drop by sometime, and stay beautiful! <3


  4. cute blog! love ur hair :)

  5. thanx so much for your comment and thanx for following. cant wait for your next post :)

  6. Cool blog(:
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

  7. Wow, congratulations on the weight loss!