Friday, 6 August 2010

Damn you technology!!!

Well my laptop was going unbelievably slow....(enter computer) that decided to crash on me...not a happy bunny. Anyhow because neither are working at home I'm updating the blog at work. I'm the boss today so its aloud!

I cant actually upload any of my own pics so i thought i would post about my recent purchase of a grey primark pleather jacket which is amazing...its so soft and of a reasonable quality for primark. I have been trailing lookbook for some ideas of how to wear it and luckily with it being a nice slate coloured gray it will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe as I'm pretty boring, i love new shapes that are in fashion but i tend to steer to black, white and neutral colours. I'll try uploading a pic of it when i get home.

On a happy point Nathan rang me from Ibiza last night which was a lovely surprise, i miss him wayyyy too much which isn't very healthy for me. But on a unhappy point, don't you just hate it when all your life you have always helped people and been there for them and nodded at the right moments and ooo and ahhhh'd at stuff you really don't want to know about it but you do it because you care for your friends, and then when its your turn to coo and say how happy you are its like a joke and no-one wants to hear it. Girls can be such bitches i don't know why i bother with facebook. Yet every person Ive spoken to through this blog has been supportive and generally lovely. So I'm indecisive whether to deactivate facebook??...rant over sorry.

Lotsises of huggles to my followers which I'm pretty amazed i have any at all. But i shall attempt to upload a pic of my jacket....maybe with me in it :O

Lizabeth xx


  1. That jacket sounds nice - def upload a picture of it at some point. I've got a black faux leather jacket from Primark and it's one of my favourite things to wear! No one suspects it only cost me a few pennies... And with your friends - maybe they're stupidly unaware of how uncaring they're being? And if they're not, they're not even worth the bother x

  2. Hey Lizbeth, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I've joined your followers so hopefully we'll cross paths again soon!

    Oh and as for your friends, as long as you're happy, screw em! ;)


    p.s I noticed you are a fellow Derby girl too x

  3. Thank you both :) yeah i will just carry on being happy me.


  4. Being their friend is a choice. Choose which makes you you. OR try not to understand, just love.

    Cheers! :)