Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My lame attempt at a fashion post...

Sorry i did say in an earlier post i would upload a pic of my Primark pleather jacket...

- I did take pictures...well my mum did for me...and i have to say they are shocking lol, i have no idea how all you bloggers upload pics that look like you should be in a magazine and mine just look like I'm blatantly standing in my hall way.

- Oh and another thing in another earlier post i mentioned i had lost 3 stone and still wanting to lose more so i am most deff not slim and neither am i in the pics. I'm just saying this because I'm not being vain and thinking i look gorgeous and uploading loads of pics i just generally love fashion and makeup.

P.S the jumpsuits from Primark too :)

Lizabeth xx


  1. try to search the net for tips! it will help :)

    keep on posting!



  2. Primarni!

    Follow us! Keep it up sweetie x


  3. trust me i had the same issue with photos for ages and i still do to be honest, try the garden that usually works for me! you look so pretty in the jumpsuit! x

  4. Hi! This is a fab look - <3 your blog! Have a look at mine if you'd like,


    X x x

  5. im so jealous of your jumpsuit! ive been desperate for one for ages! i love the pattern on this one, it looks good on u. trust me its not a lame attempt! starting out, i felt stupid dressing up and standing in front of my camera too, but u get used to it!

  6. You look lovely! I love your jumpsuit, and great find on the leather jacket too x

  7. the jumpsuit is amazing! and i love it with the jacket (: so cool x

  8. i dont think its lame. i think its a great photo and i love the jumpsuit!! its so adorable!! and of course the jacket is amazing!!

  9. hi first of all you look great

    dont worry too much about what size you are because u look beautiful to me

    i can never be a size zero to and sometimes its like a struggle to be the miss perfect that everyone expect me to

  10. hey thanks for dropping by at my page , no worries girl


  11. You look great! You're so cute. xoxo


  12. Hey Lizbeth, like the others said you do look great, you have really lovey hair and I love that outfit and the picture isn't lame at all xxx