Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Eeeeeee exicted

Apologies for not posting in like forever but finally got the computer working...

- Well this last week i have been catching up on Supernatural season 4 which is way good but i wish i knew when to stop watching it as it totally gives me the hibbie jibbies.

- Nathans back today!!!! Yayyyyy me! :) missed him lotsies. Although i don't get him till tomorrow.

- I have been so busy recently and because of certain people i haven't been out to town in forever but on Saturday after my grandads birthday party (he was 75) :) me and my cousin Katie went out and it was lovely to hear people mention i have lost weight because i know i have according to the scales but i obviously don't really notice it because i see myself everyday, and with only a tad bit of drama from my ex it was a really good night at mosh. I may upload one pic from it....it was a messy night.

- Think I'm going to see A-team tomorrow so i will probably post whether its worth seeing. But i saw Toy story 3D the other week and its soooo good made me shed a tear or two.

Oooo and thank you muchly for following me :)

Lizabeth xx


  1. i love both movies A Team and Toy Story 3 ! both are awesome

    have u watched Inception?

  2. Yep i love them both too. And nope i havent watched inception yet...plan to at some point though :) xx